Why Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality experience is unique and powerful, because not many people have experienced it before, but also because I am able to create an environment and experience to send a message about the current state of our Human Activity and how it is impacting our planet.

Reference 1 - Topographic Map

Virtual Reality

I would like to create a virtual environment of a London park. I typically wanted to choose St. James' originally due to how familiar it is to a wide audience of Londoners, but also because it's not too big for me to stress about designing. However I wished to use topography maps (reference 1) to create the layout and terrain out St James' park. But I cannot seem to find an easy data file online that has a terrain map of st James' park. Therefore my environment will be of a park inspired by London Parks, based in London, and you will be able to walk about and observe the environment. Also the fact that I am using a mobile phone as a screen, is supposed to be a hint that people should actually look at something useful on there phone and wake up.

Virtual Reality

However the environment will almost like Armageddon. I will turn the air to be Haley and foggy to indicate the dangerous pollution levels in China, the water will be red, full of plastic, and dead fish to show you the brutal textile chemicals that are leaked into the rivers in Bangladesh, you will see a row of dead bats on the grass that indicate how Australian bats are beginning to die out due to the extreme heat caused by the change of Climate. However if I have time with the design, Londoners and people will just be going about there everyday life, you will see people going for a jog in the park, completely unaware of these devastating surroundings. This will show how oblivious we are in our everyday lives to what damage Human Activity has caused to the environment, why we are in the Anthropocene.  If you are to go up to for example a burning tree and look at it, as you get closer a pop up box will appear of perhaps an image of the Amazon rainforest, and short text explaining where this burning trees is happening (The Amazon Rainforest) These are just a few examples and to give you and idea what I wish to create for this project.

Software Needed

Software Used:

Blender - create 3D models

Unity - to create the game and environment

Xcode - to finalise the project, to be able to be previewed on a iphone.

3D Models & Google Cardboard

Now how will you experience this 3D virtual space, I will use google cardboard as this is the most cost effective option for a headset. You can put your phone inside the cardboard, and put it onto your head to experience the world.


I will attempt to create an many 3D models as I can for the park that are my own. This meaning I will use photogrammetry to create 3D objects from London parks such as benches, small cafe huts, fences and gates etc. However large objects such as trees will most likely have to be sourced from a third party 3D model creator.

I will create my own textures as far as I can, such as grass and concrete. 

Google Cardboard




  1. My first challenge is learning Unity, Blender, Xcode, and C# coding language. I am already learning all four through LinkedIn Learning through as much free time I find myself have. I have also spoken to Alejandro in the creative tech lab, and he seems very helpful if I have any questions or concerns about learning the software and code language.
  2. My second concern is how I am going to submit this through a studio submission.  I was originally thinking of publishing this as an app, in the App Store. But this process is too expensive and I won't have enough time to publish it. My second option is to take a laptop with Xcode on, and submit this with the google cardboard, to allow the tutors/markers to experience the body of work. I would also have a set of instructions specifically showing them how to view and experience this body of work, to mark. However my problem here is that I don't own a laptop, and nor do I know anyone well enough to ask to borrow one to leave with tutors for weeks or so to mark.

If all else fails

If all else fails:


  1. Experiment more with Photogrammetry related to the Anthropocene
  2. Use Google Earth to create images of the geological damage to environments comparing today, to 100 years ago. (Inspired by Mishka Henner) I would perhaps like to experiment with augmented reality and artivive to be used for this.

Google Cardboard